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International Workshop on Legisprudence

Conceptions and misconceptions of legislation

University of Zaragoza │ Faculty of Law │ 23-24 February 2018
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Although the study of legislation is an inherently interdisciplinary endeavor involving many academic fields, we jurists seem best positioned to take the lead in it. After all, laws are our daily bread as scholars or practitioners, and no other expert group in society deals with them as intensively and seriously as we do. One would therefore expect legislation viz. the making of law(s) to be a core theme in the province of jurisprudence. For the past two centuries, however, our province has been confined to the tasks of describing, interpreting, systematizing and applying laws, whereas their elaboration remains, say, a blind spot.

For one thing, mainstream jurisprudence still preserves an artificial divide between the study of law and the study of its making, and – significant exceptions notwithstanding – leaves the latter largely unattended. For another, legislative thinking and skills have only very limitedly been incorporated into standard legal curricula: commonly, law students learn to treat legislation “as a given”, and are even led to believe that before its enactment there is only sheer politics – as if the production of law would mysteriously fall beyond the domain of law.

As implied by the workshop title, this scholarly neglect paves the way for misconceived, distorted and fragmentary ideas about both the theory and the practice of legislation. Restoring or opening up dedicated spaces for legisprudential debate in law faculties is hence needed to extend and improve our understanding of what making law(s) really entails. That is precisely what this workshop pursues by bringing together Spanish and international lawyers to discuss different conceptions, models and ways of legislation. Unfortunately, in a two-day meeting only a small selection of perspectives and topics can be addressed. Still, we hope that this workshop may contribute at least a little bit to give legisprudence its due place in legal studies.

This workshop is organized by the University of Zaragoza’s Legal Sociology Lab (Department of Criminal Law, Legal Philosophy and Legal History) with the kind support of the University of Zaragoza, the Faculty of Law of the University of Zaragoza, the Manuel Giménez Abad Foundation (Parliament of Aragon), and the publishing houses Springer and Tirant lo Blanch.